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The mistakes we often make

Error 1, raise your chin when you have nosebleed

In this way, the only benefit is to prevent drop nose blood on the floor. However, it could stop the nose blood, on the contrary, it will cause vomiting and or even suffocation.

The correct approach is to block a small cotton ball in your nose, and lightly press your nose wing, move forward your head, or hang an ice towel and wet towel on your neck, such behaviour could also prevent nosebleed.

Error 2, shaving armpit hair can reduce sweating

Shaving armpit hair has no effect on the sweat, instead it will leave the sweat print. Because the sweat has no place to hide, and it is easy to leave sweat print on our clothing. Also, it is easy to cause hair root abscess.

The correct approach is to clean your armpit before sweat decomposition.

Error 3, sweat is smelly

Sweat has no smell. But sweat contains rich organic substances, for the bacteria, those materials has nutrition. So when the bacteria decompose sweat,Lida will be smelly.

Error 4, brush your teeth immediately after dinner

Brush your teeth at once after eating food, which will make food acid to erode enamel, and it will strengthen the destroying effect to the teeth.

The correct approach is to gargle first, brush your teeth again after half an hour.


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