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In hot summer, nourishing body food

1, Laver


Seaweed can resist radiation, resist mutation and antioxidant, which has close relationship with its selenium. Selenium is a kind of important micro elements, it could increase our immunity, and protect our health. Often eating rich selenium laver, it could increase the ability of resisting oxidation.

2, White gourd

It has a good effect on clearing summer heat. In summer, we should eat more wax gourd, which could stop thirsty and clear summer heat, and help urine. Because it could help urine and it contains less sodium, so it is the best food to treat chronic nephritis edema, malnutrition and clear edema for pregnant women. It contains many kinds of vitamins and necessary micro elements, which could keep the balance of our body's metabolism.

3, Brown rice

There are rich vitamin B, vitamin E in brown rice. So eating brown rice could improve our immunity, promote blood circulation, and consistently provide energy for our body. In addition, among it, the potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, dietary fibers could promote the increase of intestinal bacteria proliferation, and prevent constipation and colon cancer. Some people also take brown rice as the weight loss food, however, we could take Lida as our weight loss drug, it could help us to increase our metabolism and increase our blood circulation. And most important is that we could prevent the constipation.

4, Cucumber

90 % of Cucumber is water with low nutritional value. However, cucumber skin contains a certain composition which has the diuretic effect. Therefore, cucumber the first aid drug for cystitis and acute nephritis.

5, Mushroom

Mushroom contain rich protein, which could help blood circulation, reduce edema. And you had better boil mushroom into soup, then you could get a better absorption effect.

6, Sweet potatoes

Vitamin A is known as eyes guard. If you are lack of vitamin A, feeling weak light ability will be lower, and adaption ability to dark environment will be lower, even some people will catch night blindness. Vitamin A is developed from carotene. Besides carrots, sweet potatoes also contains redundant carotene, which can provide redundant vitamin A, improve eyesight, also often eating sweet potatoes could do a help to our skin

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