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The food would not make you fatter, even if you eat a lot

1, kelp

Kelp is also a kind of good slimming food with rich nutrition, it contain a large amount of course fiber. No matter cold mixed kelp or kelp soup, it could provide full feeling and meet our appetite, moreover, it could help us to reduce the taking of heat. Often eating kelp can also effectively inhibit the shape of fat.

2, Konjac

It is a kind of herbaceous plants, peel off the skin. It is a kind of herbal plant, its root is off skin and dried, grind into powder, then processed into sweet food, noodles and vegetarian meat. Konjac is almost zero calories and rich fibers without fat, and it could absorb water in the stomach and intestines, you will easily have full feeling and will not be afraid to gain weight. Konjac contain water-soluble fiber, which will hinder intestinal bacteria breeding, and guid to expel bacteria, therefore it has the name of scavenger.

[caption id="attachment_53" align="alignleft" width="240"]food would not make you fatter food would not make you fatter[/caption]


3, Carrots

Carrot is a kind of slim face food. Squeeze fresh carrots into juice, and drink together with honey. It not only could help you to slim face, but also could help you to reduce weight. It is the best weight loss food. Many people do not like the flavor of carrots. So they give up it, even if it is a very healthy food. For this kind of people, they can have a try on Lida, it tastes good, moreover, it has a strong effect on reducing weight and controlling our appetite. Also it could help us to increase the metabolism rate and blood circulation.

4, Egg

50 g of eggs will contain 7 grams of protein, six grams of fat and eighty-two calories. And yolk contains lecithin, which is a kind of emulsifier, which will break fat and cholesterol into small particles, and expel from the blood vessels and be used by our body. The Vitamin B12 in eggs will be break down into fat cells, which is effective to abdominal fat. But in order to avoid too much cholesterol absorption, you had better eat more protein and less yolk. Boiled eggs contain less heat than frying eggs.

5, Cereal

Office OL always like to eat instant cereal to replace the meals, there are rich fibers in the cereals, wheat skin instead of a meal, wheat skin contains rich fiber, and bring full feeling, which can reduce cholesterol level, stabilize blood sugar, reduce the risks of heart disease and diabetes. We do not suggest you to replace meals with cereal, because it can not provide protein, it is easy to cause fatigue and hair loss.

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