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What snacks to eat to lose weight, six Food eat not fat

Many of the MM are difficult to resist the temptation to snack, today I will recommend several weight loss Food, let you eat again much also is not afraid of fat, interested in the MM rushed over to have a look.

As the fruit weight snacks is also a healthy diet. Raspberry is relatively rare in winter, the day listed in the summer time. But if the winter can buy raspberry, as fruit weight loss is also good oh. Raspberry rich in dietary fiber, can better maintain the stature and the maintenance of the skin.

A study found, a day to drink 50 ml of vinegar can supplement the body needs vitamin. Vinegar can promote blood circulation. Especially conducive to the promotion of the lower body blood circulation. Effect and role of vinegar and lowering blood pressure.

Winter oats, loses weight the effect is also very good. Oats contain lack of cereal of saponin and crude fiber, can promote digestion, but also can eliminate toxins, let the skin become delicate and shiny, oats and dilute the stain are the effectiveness of smallpox and India oh. So eat oats also helps to lose weight and beauty.

Chinese wolfberry
Wolfberry is a tonic herbs are slimming food. Medlar contains vitamin C and carotene, can promote circulation, delay aging, anti fatigue, anti oxidative effect. Medlar can direct water.

Pumpkin seeds
When winter comes, a lot of dry cargo listed, pumpkin seed is one of them. Pumpkin seeds are low calorie diet, rich in cellulose, so many girls like to eat. And pumpkin seeds also contain magnesium can delay the senescence of girls. So the winter eat pumpkin seeds are not afraid of long fat.

Dried plums
A dried prunes is common in winter. Dried plums even made nutrient dried fruit contains no less to see oh. Dried plums contain antioxidants and minerals, can adjust the female endocrine, and anti-aging ability.

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