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The healthy diet of white-collar

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Eating food with high cellulose
Most white-collars always endure overloaded brainwork; they easily suffer constipation and obesity. And cellulose can precisely solve these problems. The ideal amount that we take in is 18 to 35 grams per day; you can absorb it from whole wheat bread, cereal, black rice, strawberry, pear, cauliflower, broccoli, leek, celery and carrots. These are both delicious and you won’t worry about gaining weight. In addition, chrysanthemum and cassia seed as Chinese herbal medicine has the effect of improving eyesight.
Eat food containing high vitamins
Food containing vitamin A food is good for eyes; vitamin A can prevent and treat dry eyes. these kinds of food contains a lot of vitamins such as animal liver, cod liver oil, milk and eggs, amaranth and spinach, leek, green pepper apricot, persimmon, melon, etc.
Food with vitamin E can lower cholesterol and prevent the buildup of the platelets in the arteries, these kinds of food can enhance immunity and remove impurities in the body. Therefore, white-collars should eat some almonds, peanuts, and nuts.

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