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Electronic cigarettes in tobacco sales decline in France

According to French media reported on February 26, les echos, electronic smoking prevalence led to the French tobacco sales decline greatly. France addictive drugs and poisons observation center has finally released in France in 2013 tobacco market data. In 2013, according to data of tobacco sales fell 7.6% in France. This is the 2003 and 2004 after tobacco prices rose sharply, tobacco sales fell for the first time. In 2013, a total of 47.5 billion cigarettes sold in France, lost about 4 billion compared with 2012. And although the cigarette sales keep rising trend, but the growth rate slowed markedly.
OFDT pointed out that the decline can be summed up in tobacco prices for almost four years. It is reported, the best-selling cigarette brands on the market the cigarette price at about 7 euros per pack. In addition, the rapid development of electronic smoking also affects the sales of tobacco. At the end of 2013, a study of 2000 smokers aged 15 to 75 investigation confirmed that the electronic cigarette smoking has made great success.
OFDT said, there are more than 800 French people have tried smoking electronic device, and there are more than 100, ten thousand people said using electronic smoke every day. In the crowd tried to use electronic cigarettes, young people accounted for most. While in use or daily use electronic cigarettes, 25 - the highest proportion of 44 years old age group. French electronic cigarette sales industry association President DE lorie said, electronic cigarettes are no longer a fashion behavior, it has a foothold in the French market.
Reports also pointed out, however, two thirds of electronic cigarette users did not completely stop smoking traditional tobacco, but reduces the consumption of the latter. Most of the electronic cigarette users, said his smoking electronic cigarettes than traditional cigarette smoking. To this, OFDT pointed out that the extensive use of electronic cigarettes can reduce the average consumption of tobacco, smokers there should be no doubt.
Reported that smokers outside France, particularly in the border areas to buy cigarettes is also one of the reasons resulting in decreased local tobacco sales. But the survey pointed out that compared to a 2010 survey, the survey of the overseas buyers phenomenon is not significantly enlarged.
Whether electronic cigarettes can help people completely give up smoking? The answer is not clear. OFDT according to the survey, only 1% of respondents said the electronic cigarette smoking help you completely give up smoking. For most smokers, the role of the electronic cigarette is still limited. Reports, electronic cigarettes from April to may, 2013 to rapid development. In addition, the number of smokers itself also has a downward trend. The same survey, at present the 15 to 75 - year - old French accounted for 26% to 29% among smokers. In 2010, the proportion reached 34%.
OFDT stressed, however, due to the small sample, should be carefully read the relevant data. If confirm to tobacco sales have dropped in France, prevention and health education should be reference France will be released at the end of 2014, relevant research data. It is understood that the survey sample eVic-VT in the range of 15000 people.

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