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Get Ready For Building Your Coils

If you have been using e-cigarettes for a long time, you'd probably notice that the coil heads need to be changed every week and this also costs parts of your money. It occurred to me why not building coils by ourselves, which would be so much fun and can save money.

Before starting build your own coils, you should get fully prepared, which I mean not only knowing the skill to build but also get everything that needed. So when building your own coils, you need the following items:

Resistance wire – kanthal, stainless steel, nickel, nichrome, etc.
Flush cutters – wire cutters that can cut close in small spaces
Tweezers – preferably ceramic tipped, to pinch your coils while pulsing
Small metal rod – a small screwdriver, or coiling tool
Organic cotton – or whichever wicking material you prefer
Scissors – to trim your cotton

Other (optional) accessories:
An ohm reader – or a mod that accurately detects resistance
A coil jig – it can make your life a little easier
A second vape – to vape on while you’re building those coils, silly

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