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Some tips for beginners

First time users will want to consider a vape that is easy to use out the box. Think of it like a sports car with automatically transmission. Below are some aspects to consider when choosing your first vape.
  • Pre-configured wattage (usually vapes without displays) 
  • Pre-constructed coils 
  • Higher ohm coils (1ohm or above) 
  • Small selection of atomizers 
  • Easy to fill tanks 
  • Always remember to prime your coils
If you don't know which vape to choose, I would like to give you a recommendation. I think the Eleaf iStick Trim 1800mAh battery with 1.8ml GSTurbo atomizer starter kit is fit the beginner very well. It is powered by a 1800mAh battery offering you three power level namely the High power, Modest power, and Low power.And the atomizer comes with well-selected GS air coils which is designed for delivering you the purest flavor! What attracted me is its elegant appearance, it's lightweight and easy to carry. I think you should seriously consider my suggestion.

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