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Ergonomic Feel And Comfortable Vaping Experience !

Now with more power, the iStick 100 watt Battery comes with the simplicity we've all come to know and love but also introduces a couple new features here and there. Batteries are now user replaceable using two 18650 high amp batteries, you will never have to wait and charge your unit. Just pop in a fresh married pair and you're all set. Now double the power of their famous iStick 50W, the iStick 100W will provide sufficient power for you sub ohm vapers out there. With a round and smooth surface, the iStick 100W will provide an ergonomic feel and a comfortable vaping experience.
Package comes with:

1×iStick 100W Battery Body(without cell)
1×iStick 100W Battery Cover
1×User Manual
1×USB Cable
1 x eGo Threading Connector

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