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Why They Attack E-cig ?

E-cig is becoming more and more popular , and there is also very much attack form oters, but why they want to attack E-cig ?

Further contributing to the loss of money the states experience due to falling cigarette sales is the loss of tax revenue. Depending on the state, on average 40% of the cost of a packgovernment anti vaping campaign of cigarettes are taxes. In New York, for example, total taxes earned by governments for each pack of cigarettes sold is $4.35. However, these tax revenues are decreasing at an astonishing rate. In 2012, total tax collected on tobacco sales was over $17.6 billion in the United States. By 2014, this figure declined substantially to $15.5 billion dollars—a decrease of $2.1 billion. This further incentivizes the states to demonize electronic cigarettes in hopes of people returning to tobacco cigarettes in an effort to increase tax revenues.  Although the states generally have not sold bonds based on projected tax revenues from tobacco sales, they have certainly built it into their budgets. Without the expected revenues flowing in, the states are forced to deal with hefty shortfalls and deficits, adding a tremendous amount of pressure on them to make up for the difference. The result of all these losses has been the outright war that has been waged against the electronic cigarette industry, thereby damaging one of the only growing sectors of the U.S. economy.

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