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Grasp the correct weight loss, become thinner soon

Guide language, winter is coming, we will wear more clothing, then we will look fatter than before. So weight loss is the necessary task.

A new study from Canada shows, as the season progresses, extra fat accumulation of human body  will be changed, which make our shape changed during a certain period.

The study shows, the changing sex hormone level drives our shape changed and the lida daidaihua slimming capsule can help lose weight. The report is to be published in the latest edition of the journal "neuropsychological endocrinology". Sex hormones was secreted by the testicle and ovary, which usually have relationship with muscle strength and combativeness, with the season goes, fluctuation appears in male and female body. The most obvious changes occur in the waist and hips, once the sex hormone level rises, the female shape will be changed, fat is going to be accumulated to the waist, gradually losing the past exquisite curve. Another study shows that, the sex hormones influence to male is on the contrary with women , once the sex hormone level drops, male's belly will be more fat. Scientists test sex hormones' seasonal changes in the saliva of 220 women and 127 men, also measured women waist and hip according to the seasons change .

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Research shows that, with the seasons change, adipose accumulation mode instead of the whole body fat will appears a little of difference. When fall comes, female waist will be fatter.


The best time to practice yoga in a day in the center is two hours before sunrise in the morning and two hours before sunset. Practicing yoga after getting up is also a good choice, not only you can lose weight, but also you can add energy to your body, let you have an energetic and good mood.

Don't forget the breakfast (the breakfast must be healthy, it had better eat with themeizitang, not contains high cholesterol), otherwise, you will eat more in the day, but also you will lack of physical energy for the activities.

6-8 glasses of water every day. Water can do a help to the fat metabolism, at the same time , water also can suppress appetite. If you are the certain girl who hate drinking water, you can have a try on zi xiu tang, it is the drug which could help us to reduce weight in a short time. Because it could increase the metabolism rate and blood circulation.

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