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Lotus leaf tea is necessity for weight loss

Lotus leaf tea has been taken as a medicine since ancient times, and now it still popular among people. And lotus leaf tea is easy to be made; the effect of sliming body is very significant. Lotus leaf tea has magical effect of reducing weight; it can not only remove fat but also keep in good health. In the perspective of doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, lotus root has a simple diuretic effect and it can help promote defecation. Lotus leaf mainly contains citric acid, glucose acid, oxalic acid, and son on, which can remove fat. Lotus leaf can reduce triglyceride and cholesterol in the serum and regulate blood lipid.

How to drink lotus leaf tea? The best time of drinking lotus leaf tea is between one and two hours before meals, don’t drink tea after meals immediately, which will affect food digestion. It should be noticed that women should stop drinking in menstrual period, because lotus leaf will lead to the disorder of the body functions. But in this period, you can have a try on Li Da Diet Pills, it is safe and effective to lose weight, this product can help invigorate blood circulation and control the calories digestion, it can improve your immunity and strengthen the health, you can be assured to use it.


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