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Seven about running tips to help you efficiently easier to lose weight

Running is the most direct method of exercise for weight loss, but often a lot of people are difficult to stick, the first exercise to lose weight should not be blind, before exercise, oneself must be prepared, according to the motion plan to do are more likely to achieve their goals.

A, dress comfortable

Movement while the dress is not very strict, but be sure to wear comfortable, better best perspiration exhaust function, in addition, the sneaker is really very important, a suitable and comfortable pair of shoes can make us at the time of movement more easily, have the effect of shock absorption, buffer. Choose a pair of sports shoes in color, also will be more let us enhance interest in sports.

Second, make a plan

Running should not be blind, to have a purpose in a planned way, to give oneself make a schedule, adjust each week according to their own movement, let the body gradually adapt to, and been improved steadily.

Three, filling water at any time

In outdoor sports, filling water is very important, especially the summer sports, particularly prone to sweating, the body of the water lost will be faster, so it is very important to carry water, or you want to drink water when it can't find any place to sell water that's in trouble.

Fourth, listen to music with fast rhythm

Running the concert more rhythm on collocation, also can let a person feel movement of time is very short, in imperceptible in completes the exercise today, listen to ten song will be run.

Fifth, recorded in the phone app running distance

Now a smart phone can record the distance running every day, if your not sure, just use the phone app, simple and convenient, record every day, Zi Xiu Tang can also be committed to stick to it.

Six, running in the morning and evening

Use of in the morning or evening time running, the weather is not very hot, the air will be very good, run in the morning can make people in high spirit, running in the evening also help relax the pressure of a day, alleviate the mood, and also have certain effect to control appetite.

Seven, ran a walk tired

Running unavoidably have tired, tired and then stop and take a walk, rest well continue to run, let the body movement condition, so as to achieve better result reducing weight.

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