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Through the electronic smoke inhaled drugs could eliminate pain killer

Rapid expansion in the electronic cigarettes, has become a phenomenon and habit, as a way of life. In the near future, it may be possible to change the way of drug use.
At present many pharmaceutical companies in the research to use electronic cigarettes to deliver drugs to the human body. By steam inhalation drug, the drug may be more effective than oral faster and more easily absorbed by the body. , of course, to inhale the steam than intramuscular injection or intravenous drug easier to accept.
A decade ago, with electronic cigarette conveying drug research are mostly research on medical marijuana. Medicinal marijuana can effective analgesia and ease the mental anxiety. Symptoms such as pain and anxiety need as quickly as possible and convenient way to drug absorption. Through inhalation delivery analgesia drug, currently has a 45% chance of can in 20 minutes later they inhaled, efficacy can be lasted 90 minutes.
Of course through the electronic smoke inhalation of steam is a kind of marijuana applications, another application is to use electronic cigarettes steam to treat epilepsy.
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Scientists also research how to effectively use the electronic smoke to deliver insulin, used to treat diabetes, but there is no success.
In the near future, electronic cigarettes are almost must be regarded as a kind of medical instrument, to apply to clinical. If the electronic cigarette industry can help mankind to more effective and fight diseases, so in the future we will see a doctor to the patient prescribing containing electronic cigarettes.

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