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How to repair your smart mini projector

More and more portable projectors popular with young people, however, due to various reasons, the machine will inevitably have problems, such as can't normal boot, flash screen and so on.
What should we do when we meet these problems?
First, we can revert to factory settings by means of a one button restore,use a needle to plug in the RESET hole.

Another Way, we can upgrade the software to enhance an improve the projectors.
Such as how to upgrade the firmware for Toumei C800 Series.
1. Get a blank U disk, Download the update.zip to the U disk(no need to unzip ), pls make sure the U disk blank that no other files in the U disk.
2. Power on and enter the desktop, insert the U disk, after 10s system will prompt to update hardware, click the confirm button,after 3mins update it.
3. After the program has been installed, the device will restart, please the pull out the U disk.
4. After the system reboots, enter the settings menu,
choose Backup&reset > actory date reset > Erase SD card > Reset device > Erase everything.
5. When the device comple all operation and restarted automatically, the screen will shows "Location consent", select Agree, when enter "Turn it back on for all Google apps", select YES, after the machine runs automatically, and the upgrade is completed.
If you still have the problem, you can contact factory.

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