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GS Turbo

  The GS Turbo that comes with a GS Turbo atomizer, a GS Air 0.75ohm head, a GS Air 1.5ohm head. The diameter of the GS Turbo is 15mm and the height is 58mm. And the GS Turbo is only 28.7g. There are only one color.
  Features a much more refined airflow system, the GS Turbo will give you a pleasant vaping experience. The airflow system utilizes a five-hole and a wide slot for air inflow. The e-liquid capacity of the GS Turbo is 1.8ml. All parts of the GS Turbo can be detached and reassembled, you can clean and maintain it much easier. With the popular optimized GS air coils, the GS Turbo will provide you perfect flavor. Equipped with the airflow control ring, you can get the optional airflow by freely twisting it. For a better vaping experience, all you need is a GS Turbo.

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