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3 Tips Helps You to Buy Genuine Sigelei TOP1 230W TC Box Mod

The TOP1 230W is an electronic cigarette with a 230W output. Although the size of this product is a little big, it does not weaken everyone's enthusiasm for it! I think you know why, because it's really a very stylish vape mod. On this machine we will get a different experience than the previous one, it uses a 1.3inch round display to get us a A new visual experience. So you know why it is so hot!

3 Tips Helps You to Buy Genuine Sigelei TOP1 230W TC Box Mod

Where to buy genuine Sigelei TOP1 230W TC Box Mod? Now, I need to give you 3 tips to help fulfill your wishes.

1. Please purchase on a large purchase platform. Large shopping platform has google certification, and we can get a better shopping experience

2. Please purchase at the official authorized store in Sigelei! Please don't try to believe in other channels, only in the official website authorized shop can buy genuine

3. We can choose an online store that can provide a full warranty period. I think a lot of friends are only getting one or two months warranty, right? Please always purchase at the store that offers the full warranty period.

I think I will recommend you to buy in Cloumix. This is a vape online store founded by one of China's three major e-cigarette sellers. Now we can not only get the genuine products of Sigelei, but also sell free shipping. what are you waiting for?

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