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A powerful Odin DNA250c Mod appears!

Odin DNA250c Mod is designed by 3 great modders together and they are Vaperz Cloud, DOVPO and Vaping Bogan. It utilizes the worldwide known Evolve DNA250c Chip that is a hard-wearing and user-friendly chip, which can be connected to the computer for slight fine-turning and the theme modifications(Although a custom theme is already installed).

Worked by dual 21700 batteries, the mod still maintains a small and ergonomic form. Moreover, it provides you various safety functions, reverse polarity protection, atomizer protection and overheat protection.

It's so convenient to carry Odin DNA250c whenever you go because it is a lightweight mod.

Price: $121.68 DOVPO Odin DNA250c Mod ( with Code: ODIN at Sourcemore )
             Compared with €175.00  at dampfabriek.com

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