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How to clean the wastes in our organ


In the intestines, there are millions of bacteria. And we often belch, abdominal distension, smelly fart, those situations are caused by the dirty things in the intestines. Especially the large intestine, it itself is a very dirty organ. Because the final metabolism wastes, that are stool will get into the large intestines. For the people who have the constipation, the toxin in the large intestines will be absorbed again, and reach all parts of our body, which will lead to pale face, course skin, big pores and acne.

Cleaning methods:

The most important thing is to keep the smooth of the intestines. For example, more fruits such as apples and bananas, do not eat too much fine staple food, often eat course food. When you are going out to travel, it is easy to have the constipation, and you can drink some honey water. If you have big work pressure, and sit for long time, it is easy to have the constipation. Therefore, you had better take some exercises every day and keep good mood.

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There is a bacteria which is called helicobacter pylori, and dirty food is the source of helicobacter pylori, and 50% of people will have such bacteria breeding. Most people will have situation after infecting it, and 10% - 10% of the patients will have to stomach ulcers.

Cleaning methods:

Don't stay up late, and keep good mood. When we have stress mood, and it is extremely tired, bad mood, we will have more gastric acid secretion. Also we will have the troubles of acid water, heartburn, nausea and so on. In addition, we should eat less sweet, salty, spicy, acid, cold, hot food. Also you can have a try on paiyouji, it is the drug which could increase our metabolism rate and blood circulation


The appendix is at the starting area of the large intestine, it is just like the dead end. Therefore, if stool and wastes get in the appendix, it is hard to get out. And intestines bacteria is hard to reproduce, later on, it will cause the inflammation.

Cleaning methods:

Just like the intestines

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