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Common symptoms of immunity decline

1, frequent fatigue
Feeling listless and tired every day while working or getting tired easily after some light work. No organic changes after the physical check. The energy will be restored a little bit after some rest, but it won't last for long, soon after the feeling of fatigue will come back.

2, incessant colds
Colds have become as usual as your three meals. Whenever the weather gets a little cold and cool, you will start to sneeze and soon afterwards cold will come to visit and will not go easily until it has stayed for a long period of time.

3, the wound gets infected easily
After a certain part in the body gets injured accidentally, the wound will be red and swollen and even appear purulence within a few days. For the normal people, minor injuries will recover itself in a short period of time. But for you, it takes much longer for your skin to restore itself. Or some part of your body, say, the bottom has appeared some boils which make you feel pain and itch, you find some more in your head a few days later.

4, problems occur in the intestines and stomach easily
After eating a common dish in the restaurant outside, you have diarrhea and vomiting while other people who have had the same dish are safe and sound. It is giving you the warning sign that your immunity is getting weak. At this time you should pay extra attention to proper diet and regular exercises to regain yourself.

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