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How to solve the weight loss trouble of constipation

Some people spend a lot of money and time on reducing weight. However, they do not reduce weight successfully. If you reduce weight in the wrong way, it is easily to have the problem of constipation. Once you have the problem of constipation, we will have slow metabolism rate, edema and obesity. So the first step of reducing weight is to solve the problem of the constipation. Then we can clear the obstacle on the way of reducing weight.

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1, More fruits and vegetables

If you do not eat vegetables and fruits, it is easy to have the problem of constipation. Because vegetables contain a large amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber, which can promote digestion and expel stool inside. We should often eat vegetables, also we need to make some fresh fruits juice. Then you can increase your full feeling and it can relieve and prevent the constipation. And the heat of fruits and vegetables is really low. And the constipation is the biggest trouble for the people who want to reduce weight. Lida is the drug which could help us to relieve the constipation. Because it could help us to increase the metabolism rate and blood circulation rate.

2, Drink water after waking up

After getting up, you can drink a glass of honey water to clear your intestines and accumulated wastes in your stomach and intestines. After the metabolism, our body will be lack of water and energy. So a glass of honey water can solve this problem. In addition, if you have the problem of constipation, you can use the salty water to replace the honey water, then you can get a better slimming effect.

3, Eat more sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes a lot of fibers. So sweet potatoes are very good food to expel stool. And it is very sweet with strong full feeling, so it is very suitable to be eaten as the staple food. Because it contains less starch and carbohydrate than other staple food. Of course, the cooking method of sweet potato is also very important, general speaking we usually steam sweet potatoes. Steamed sweet potato and sweet potato porridge are very good slimming food.

4, Fixed dinner time 

Although one of the greatest pleasures during the travel is the discovery of delicious food, it is very important to eat three meals on time. Some people will have an abnormal meals during the trip, they sometimes will keep eating delicious food, which will make them fatter. 3 regular meals will avoid the hunger.

5, Do not eat heavy food

Too heavy taste food will easily cause the problem of constipation, so if you want to solve this problem. It is really important to adjust your diet habit. And light diet can greatly reduce food heat, and it can do a great help to reduce weight. We need to add less salt and oil during the cooking procession.

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