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Caring kidney food

Guide language, nowadays white-collar workers do not have regular life, and it is easy to have the situation of kidney deficiency. So if you want to own beautiful appearance and healthy body, we must protect our kidney.

Kidney is the birthplace of women beauty and health.

Kidney deficiency, our eyes would not brighten any more, and hair would not be black. All kinds of physical problems will arrive in advance, as well as aging. For overweight people, controlling slimming body figure is a challenge. Lida is a slimming product which could help us to reduce weight. It could help us to control our appetite and increase the metabolism rate.

Nourishing kidney, as a revolution of staying beauty and health, and it is one of the most expensive make up product.                                                                          What could be used to add kidney.                                       1, scallops                                                                        Its taste is wild, flavor is salty, which could nourish kidney and add Yin, so kidney Yin patients should often eat it.                 2, bass                                                                           Flat, sweet, its taste is sweet, which could nourish spleen and stomach, it could nourish liver and kidney, care bones and muscles.                                                                           3, chestnuts                                                                      Its temperature is wild and sweet. It could nourish our spleen and stomach. And it has the effect of adding kidney and waist.                                                                               4, yam                                                                                It is sweet, it has the effect of adding lung, care spleen, which could also nourish kidney and fill in essence. And the patients who have kidney deficiency should eat it.                              5, barbary wolfberry fruit                                                     It is flat and sweet, it has the effect of nourishing kidney and caring liver, longer aging. Especially for the middle-aged women, we had better eat it.


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