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The eyes self saving methods, relieve black eye rim and fatigue

Every day, our life pace is too fats. In addition of sleep, we need to stare at the computer, tele phone and other digital products. For long time, the eye is the part which are the most tired, it is easy to have black eyes rim, eyes bag, small wrinkles.

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Status, black eyes rim

Solution, we could do the massage on eyes to relieve the fatigue. Also we could take out of the mineral water bottle which is placed in the refrigerator. And lightly role the water around the eye. After one minute. You will see the result of your eyes.

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Use salt water to apply eye dropsy

Methods, place a cup of salty water in the refrigerator, use the makeing up cotton to take a suitable amount of salt water. And spread salty water around your eyes, then take away the making up cotton.

Apply tea bag on your eyes

Methods, you can apply the rest tea bag on eyes, this method could relieve eyes bag.

Situation: eyes acid and bilges, face skin is tight

Solution, take a vacation and find the place which is close to the windows, deep breathe with nose then open your eyes to the largest. After you return to the normal breathe, you can knock on your head for several times.

Situation, heavy eyelids

Eat light food which could add nutrition. Have a rest, then do some simple eyeball exercises. Healthy body figure is the dream for every people. However, not every person realise it. Some people can not keep slimming body figure. Lida is the drug which could help everyone to realise the sexy and slim body. And one benefit of Lida is that it could help us to control our appetite.

1, relax eyes, your eye sights can not fall on any targets, then close your eyes, keep for 2-3 seconds and suddenly open your eyes, then keep for 2-3 seconds.

2, do not move your head, move your eyeball upside, left, right and downward, and keep for 2-3 seconds.After it, you have a snap for half an hour, which have the decision effect on the afternoon state.

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