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How to Winter-Proof Your Party Style

Here in LA, we don’t need to worry about a blizzard blowing into town on a big night out and snowing all over our look. Yet come fall, the temperatures drop here just like everywhere else. These are some tips for creating a practical yet pretty cold weather party look.

Layering is key. I love a full party skirt made of taffeta or velvet. Pair it with black tights and adorable little boots for a wonderful party look. Go with an opaque stocking that will keep you warm and look chic.
Wear shoes you can walk in. A towering stiletto is gorgeous, but it’s not a great match for ice. I’m crazy about a flat boot that goes over the knee.
Make a statement with a gorgeous winter coat. An opera coat can be absolutely beautiful. When selecting outerwear, remember that a coat should always fall below the knee, however, it doesn’t matter where the dress or skirt you’re wearing underneath hits.
Accessorize! There are so many cold weather accessories that are perfect for a party. Some of my favorites include scarves, gloves (both leather and fingerless) and a skully, which is always so cute over a party dress.

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