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While this could be part of the "Sweet Beverages" category, I feel smoothies deserve their own group. In speaking with patients, I find that most drink a smoothie because they feel it is a good way to get some fruit (or even vegetables) without having to eat them. A long time ago, this may have been true, but smoothies have become part of an elaborate industry, which usually means more calories. You can try the Super Slim Weight Loss , which also can help you to lose weight effectively, it can influence your diet and help you reduce the intake of fats, and it also can speed up the blood circulation.
When purchasing a freshly made smoothie, pay attention to the ingredients. For starters, you should not see much more than fresh fruit, 100% juice, and ice. An occasional splash of non-fat milk or yogurt is OK as well, but most smoothie places add ice cream, sugar, fruit juice (that may not be 100%), and fresh fruit that has already been sweetened. This adds a ton of calories and fat.
In addition, since it is a drink, most people assume that having a smoothie with a meal is a good idea. This is not true. In fact, smoothies are a meal replacement drink, meaning it should be the only thing you consume for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (depending on when you eat it). The safest bet is to avoid smoothies from a store, and instead make them yourself. Add some fresh fruit, juice, and yogurt to make it a satisfying meal. For a quick snack, drink only a small portion and store the rest in your refrigerator.

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