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How to Get your Children to Eat More Fruit and Vegetable

Make it fun
Any way you do it, adding a little fun to healthy food can make all the difference. Cutting sandwiches into interesting shapes, trying new fruits you've never seen before, or combining unusual flavours- any way you do it is fine! If you can show children that food isn't just boring fuel, they will begin to be less picky, because food is now exciting!
Get them involved
While some of you will no doubt blanch at the thought of having your little darlings running around your kitchen, there is no need to worry; they needn't do anything unsafe. Start small and set your children to work with simple tasks. Children of 3-5 can use a blunt butter knife to chop tomatoes, cucumber or other soft foods, rip up lettuce and help to wash vegetables. Older children can help chop or peel foods, and put them into pans for you. Having food presented ready-made takes away some of the interest, so get your children involved in making the food they are going to eat.
Try not to nag
You've served your child a colourful, exciting meal and still they sit there and won't eat it. The temptation is to demand that they 'Eat the vegetables!'. Don't do this. By nagging your children, you will drive them into rebelling against you out of pride. Say once, casually, that you would like them to eat their vegetables, please. If they do not, simply remove their plate at the end of the meal and make no comment. They will quickly learn that vegetables fill you up, and that having half your dinner taken away is no fun at all.

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