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How to make yourself lose more fat

lose more fat
If you eat too much greasy food, drink a cup of celery juice. The sugar of celery juice r is low, and it contains high cellulose, the fiber in celery can take some of the fat away. Do sports after eating desserts. Taking exercise after eating desserts can improve the efficiency of the movement and promote to burn excessive calories. If you are afraid that you can not control appetite when you have a meal with friends, you can take a bag of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber can increase satiety and help you reduce appetite, and it can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis.

Overeating may cause indigestion, drink a glass of orange peel and barley tea. Drink yogurt after eating hot pot. Eat fruits after eating too much junk food. In addition, you can use Superslim after eating too much junk food, this can stimulate metabolism and help burn fat, you will become lightsome soon, and it helps you prevent weight gaining effectively.

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