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Proper Exercise, Effective Exercise

People have been asking me for the past few days, how can I reduce on my belly, thin legs and thin arms? Why do I always follow you diet and work schedule, but I still can't get rid of it? All kinds of slimming methods actually can be got at the online search. Before you lose weight, you need to know what you know about your weight loss and know where your problems are, and it's not that hard to lose weight.

1. Insist on short exercise time
How often do you exercise and then measure your weight? 5 days? 10 days? Half a month? If you don't lose weight, you start giving up? It's a dream for many people to lose weight fast, but shaping your body isn't going to happen overnight. If you haven't had a habit of exercising before, or you're a beginner, you should exercise for at least eight months. This change may be your waist thinning, or may be weight loss.

2. Exercise intensity is not enough
When seeing this, many people want to refute. They will say that they exercise more than two hours a day, aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise have to do, how can the exercise intensity is not enough? What I'm going to say here is that the long duration of exercise is not equal to the high intensity of exercise. On the contrary, because you have a long time, it shows that you exercise is not high enough. If you want to exercise enough intensity, you should change the uniform motion into high-intensity indirect motion, increase the time of aerobic exercise, and reduce the time of anaerobic exercise.

3. Only pay attention to weight, not fancy body
If you don't say, who knows what your weight is? Walking on the street, no one will pay attention to your weight figure, but what they see is your figure. So don't be so concerned with the numbers on the scales, but focus on body fat. Shape changes are real changes, weight is just floating clouds, shaping is the kingly way.
Have you the above 3 errors? If you have, change yourself first. Come again.

Tip: if you're using weight loss drugs, such as magic slim capsules, you have to exercise properly to lose weight effectively.

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