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Things to consider when buying an e-Cig

Before you make your first vape purchase, consider:

  • Start out with a simple vape and pick your favorite e-juice. Experiment until you find the combination that suits you. 
  • Before you buy, do your research and look at vaporizer reviews. They can tell you which products are good, if the price is worth it, and any flaws or malfunctions they might have.  
  • Save your money and purchase a starter kit. If you are a newbie, they will have everything you need to start vaping. Get the best deals on vape juice and vaporizers by using coupons. 
  • Coupon codes from all the vape stores, like Eleaf vape shop, so that regardless of where you buy, you will always have a round-up of the best deals. 
  • Figure out what kind of e-liquid you want by considering if you want nicotine, no nicotine, PG for a throat hit or VG for more vapor (cloud chasing). 
  • If you are a former smoker or have never vaped, be patient when making the transition. Everyone's body works differently and will adjust accordingly. 
  • Buy the best vape for your needs meaning if you want to cloud-chase, get a vape mod or if you want something that resembles a cigarette, get an e-cig.

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