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Vzone Graffiti 220W Vape Mod Instruction - Vape Guide

How to Use Vzone Graffiti 220W?

1. Power On: 

Remove the battery cover and insert one high-rate 18650/20700 cells into the device body. The device will power on and display the Vzone Logo.
(Note: Before using, please adjust the wattage to a proper range to match the atomizer you see.)

2. Power Off: 

Press the fire button 5 times continuously to turn off the device.

3. Vaping: 

Press and hold the fire button to vape. Release to fire button to stop.

4. Power Lock/Unlock: 

In KA mode, hold down both fire button and down button to lock/unlock the device power.

5. Temperature Lock/Unlock: 

In TC/TCR mode, hold down both fire button and down button to lock/unlock the temperature.

6. Adjust Power Option: 

When the device is powered on, press the up/down button to adjust wattage accordingly. Wattage will move in 0.5 increments. Press and hold up or down button to adjust wattage rapidly.

7. New coil, Same Coil: 

When you connect a new atomizer or disconnect and reconnect your existing atomizer, the device will prompt you to confirm this change. If you have attached a new atomizer, press the UP button. If you disconnect and reconnect the same atomizer, press the DOWN button.

8. Charging: 

Use the Vzone USB charger to recharge the device. While the device is recharging, the battery symbol will fluctuate up and down. Once the device is fully charged, the battery symbol will be static.

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