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4 cold dishes summer fashion slimming solution

The hot summer is the best season to eat cold food, cold food is not only conducive to heat Jieshu, because low calorie diet is particularly suitable for use as a. Here we recommend 4 suitable for summer salad diet food!
1, celery
Celery is rich in crude fiber, potassium, vitamin B2, vitamin PP (also called nicotinic acid) and other ingredients. Hot summer weather, it is easy to get angry, causing dry stool. At the same time, hot days when people water loss, easy to cause the sodium potassium imbalance. Celery can help people relax bowel, regulating sodium and potassium balance. Vitamin PP on human skin, nervous system and food To have influence, if the body lacks vitamin B2, it is easy to cause fatigue and oral ulcer.
Celery leaves contain more nutrients than the stem, hesitate to discard sth., can be boiled to eat cold.

2, tomato
Vitamin A rich tomatoes, vitamin A is good for eyesight protection and skin after sun repair. Salad tomatoes do not sprinkle sugar better, or sweet may affect appetite. Obesity, diabetes, hypertension patients should not eat is called "snow Flaming Mountains" sugar salad tomatoes.

3, bell pepper or Capsicum
Pepper is the most abundant food content of vitamin C in vegetables of all. Vitamin C can enhance human immunity, help to resist various diseases. In summer people easy to heat and cold, and often go out, more contact with the external environment, increasing the chance of infection, so the need to improve their own immunity.

4, cucumber
Cucumber contains vitamin C, vitamin B and trace minerals, it contains nutrients rich, raw crisp refreshing taste. From the nutritional point of view, cucumber skin rich in nutrients, should be retained raw. But in order to harm to the human body and prevent the pesticide residue, cucumber should soak 15-20 minutes and then wash raw food in brine.
The diet food, with salad eating not only low in calories, reduce the loss of nutrients but also, more conducive to good health!

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