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Why Is It A Safe Device

The security performance of a device is very important to us. The Eleaf iKonn 220 by the Eleaf offers a maximum output power of more than 200W. It only needs dual 18650 cells to supply electricity. It has a 2A fast charge feature, and also charges other devices, such as your mobile phone. Its output wattage is so large and charge fast. It can charge other devices. Why is it still safe?

Originally, it has dual circuit protection, reverse polarity protection function and battery balancing trickle charge system. The dual circuit protection system protects your battery when you overcharge, overload, and over discharge. The reverse polarity protection prevents reverse circuitry. The battery balancing trickle charge system enables the battery power of two 18650 batteries to be on the equal level, and ensures the safety of charging. These protective features of Eleaf iKonn 220 fully guarantee your battery safety and your personal safety. So it's a safe device.

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