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Recommend several healthy basic food, give you an amazing slimming effect

Soy bean milk

Soy-bean milk is grinding by soybean. In addition, the tastes of soy bean milk is sweet and delicious, therefore it is many people’s favorite drinks. And rich calcium and protein in soy-bean milk can effectively promote the recycle movement in your body, and promote the blood circulation speed, accelerate metabolism speed, expel inside taste and play the function of clearing intestines. In addition, soy-bean milk still can reduce body's cholesterol, and accelerate body metabolism speed.


Radish contain rich sodium, potassium and other trace elements. Radish is hot, sweet and have the effect of beauty, therefore radish is one of the best food for girls. Radish is basic food, so it can reduce weight. And radish contains abundant sodium and potassium, which can promote the digestion. In addition, radish contains rich mustard oil and rich dietary fiber, those substances can accelerate expelling waste inside body.


Rape contains rich iron and calcium, so rape can effectively promote blood circulation, relieve edema, therefore rape has an obvious effect of relieving edema. And rape is cool, therefore it helps gastrointestinal peristalsis. In addition, there are rich vitamin C in rape, and vitamin C will increase metabolism. Therefore, it can help defecation and expel accumulated lodge outside of our body, and reduce accumulated fat. In addition, rape is low fat with rich dietary fiber, help reduce your body blood fat, therefore achieve the aim of weight loss.


The pumpkin is a kind of food which is sweet and wild, and its nutrition get more and more attention from people. And pumpkin contains rich vitamin, calcium, phosphorus and other materials, and the nutrition of pumpkin is rich. Beside that, rich pectin in pumpkins will protect stomach, reduce the stimulation to the stomach from the course food, then accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, fully digest the food inside body. Of course, vitamin and calcium of pumpkin can accelerate metabolism and help diuresis, thus you can get the weight loss purpose.

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