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Two most effective methods to treat the constipation

For the women who live in the modern society, it is easy to get troubles by the constipation, how to treat the constipation and recover to the slim body figure.  Then let’s have a look on four most effective methods to treat the constipation.

1, massage

Patients lie down on bed, and pile two palms, and take the navel as the center, and massage in clockwise until you feel the heat in your belly, it is about 2 minutes. Then use middle finger to press Zhongwan, Tianshu, Qihai acupuncture points for 2 Day Diet about 1 minute.

2, health care methods

Lie down on your back, lift your head with the same level with your chest, slightly close your eyes, tongue touch your palate, combine your feet, one hand massage your chest, the other hand massage your belly, then do some belly deep breathe, and breathe with your nose until the breathe could make belly hand up. Then, breather forcibly until your belly hand down, two hands do not use force. Every day, practice for 1-2 times, and do 500 ~ 100 times every day. Swallow the saliva for three times.


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