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Which kind of constipation do you belong to?

Constipation generally be divided into “organ constipation" and "functional constipation.


"Organ constipation" means the constipation caused by the abnormal intestinal peristalsis  constipation, which is largely caused by colon lesions.

If there is blood in the stool, or you never feel stomach pains, you must go to the hospital and have a check.And functional constipation is caused by irregular life and eating habits, and it is the main type of the constipation.

A, abdominal muscle is too weak, insufficient physical activities, gastroptosis, volume is small, has the feeling of waste residual, abdominal distension, vegetables intake is insufficient

B, you want to defecate, but you fail in it. You can hear the belly sound, it is easy to have belly pains, anxiety, have the residue feeling after defecation, constipation then is diarrhea, it is easy to have stomach pains after dinner.

C, often hold on and do not go to defecate, drink less water, often eat constipation pills, do not eat breakfast, long hemorrhoids, dry defecation

D, as the changes of the environments, such as on a trip, the changes of life pace, eat too much or too less, often dine outside.

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